TRNLizard – free OpenSource Plugin for Rhinoceros 5 und Grasshopper

TRNLizard is a free and OpenSource Plugin, developed by TRANSSOLAR, to the Rhinoceros 5© CAD software and its editor Grasshopper© for Trnsys.

TRNLizard enables thermal and daylight building simulation using a variety of heating, cooling and ventilation concepts based on detailed 3D geomtry. Predefined templates and outputs allow a faster evaluation of simulation results. Users can parameterize their geometry and other input data for design studies in earlier stages of the design phase. Entering model information in Grasshopper makes TRNLizard an intuitive and user friendly tool. Boundary conditions and simulation results can be visualized in the 3D geometry.

TRNLizard connects the power of parametric modeling of Grasshopper© and Trnsys's latest building simulation features.

For further information and the download please see:

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