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Floating point error

If a „division by zero“ is described in the error message, a random value is divided by zero. This can occur in one of the equations or in a component.

  • Avoid „standalone“ variables in the denominator of your equations, such as q = Q/A. Better use q = Q/(A+0.00001). This ensures that no division by zero can occur.

  • Select realistic „Initial Values“. An initial value of zero may cause an error message „division by zero“.

Error message „overflow“ means that a variable in equations or a component becomes too large. Using the Simulation Control Statement ETRACE, you can, for example, trace the results of EQUATIONS in the iteration and thus check where and when the simulation terminates. Further information about ETRACE and other helpful Simulation Control Statements can be found in Manual Volume 06 – TRNEdit (see \TRNSYS18\Documentation\06-TRNEdit.pdf ).

If the error cannot be eliminated, you can contact our hotline.