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Installation/ Deinstallation

A detailed installation guide (pdf) can be found together with the setup files in the Trnsys18 User Portal. We will send you the link by email after processing your order.

To install TRNSYS and the add-ons, start the downloaded setup file. If TRNSYS is not yet installed, start with TRNSYS and then install the add-ons. Follow the instructions in the dialog boxes on the screen.

Note: If TRNSYS is not installed in the standard directory under c:\TRNSYS18\, make sure that the correct path settings of the TRNSYS installation are used when installing the add-ons.

To uninstall TRNSYS, please run the Unistall.exe which is located in the installation directory of TRNSYS. Please make sure that the correct path is entered in the uninstall menu.

Note: Before uninstalling, the node-lock licenses must be „released“. The instructions for this can be found here.