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Technical support

Only TRNSYS users registered with us receive technical support. Support requests can only be made by e-mail. We try to answer within one working day, except during the announced holiday weeks in winter and summer. As a registered user for the Newsletter, you will be informed about the holidays by e-mail. Each request must be accompanied by a valid TRNSYS User-ID.

Basic support is limited to installation problems and software errors and is free of charge.

Extended support related to the software can be purchased for periods of two years. Per TRNSYS license a maximum of 3 registered persons are entitled to receive technical support. The support contract will be automatically renewed if it is not terminated in due time.

Modelling advice, such as questions about the best possible representation of systems, is not part of the technical support.

Basic support for previous (obsolete) versions of TRNSYS will extend no less than six months and no more than one year after the release of the next version and at the latest 5 years after the release of the current version.

Click here to order technical support.