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Trnsys17 – Trnsys18 compatibility

The further development is due to the integration of new features format-/syntex changes. To allow an easy change from Trnsys17 to Trnsys18, Trnsys18 is backwards compatible to version 17. You can open and simulate previous Trnsys17 projects with the current Trnsys18 version. When saving, the data is saved in the new Trnsys18 format.

However, Trnsys18 projects are not forward compatible with Trnsys17 i.e. Trnsys18 projects can no longer be calculated with Trnsys17.

Sometimes it causes problems when you want to open Trnsys16 projects with Trnsys18. The error can be avoided by opening the Trnsys16 project with Trnsys17, saving the Trnsys17 project again and then opening the project in Trnsys18. If you do not have access to Trnsys17, then send us the Trnsys16 project and we will save it as Trnsys18.