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Over the years, TRNSYS has been used in construction planning, research projects and building certifications. Beyond that, the software has been successfully validated by several systems.

ASHRAE Standard 140 (BESTEST)

TRNSYS is validated by the ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 140. The most recent report can be found here: BESTEST Update 2020


Currently, TRNSYS is part of the validation project SimQuality. Preliminary examples can already be found at https://simquality.org/

VDI 6020/ 6007

The validation project SimQuality bases its test cases on the systems and reference values of the German VDI 6020/ 6007 where possible. Unfortunately, these standards have a few problems, which make a validation of simulation software solely based on them difficult. An explanation of these difficulties can be found on the SimQuality website (currently only available in German, English version will follow).


We and our customers have been successfully carrying out DGNB certifications for numerous projects with TRNSYS in the past years.