We are happy to welcome a steadily growing number of TRNSYS users. In order to make your start easy and bring you to an effective use of TRNSYS as fast as possible, we offer online training courses in intervals of ca. 8 weeks. Depending on the requirements, the training courses are held in German or English. Additional training courses upon request.


Online, but not alone

Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to hold in-person trainings due to the COVID-19 situation. We had very good experiences with the first online trainings in fall of 2020 and have received positive feedback from participants. Therefore, we will continue to offer these in the future and have decided on a new concept with course dates on a regular basis depending on a minimum number of participants. More about this

For information on the current dates and enrolment you can send us an e-mail to hotline@transsolar.com including your name, TRNSYS user-ID, company name and the training number(s).