TRNSYS (pronounced ‚tran-sis‘) is a flexible, graphically based, modular software environment that allows simulation of transient systems, hence the name. The possible applications range from the dynamic calculation of a simple solar system to complex buildings and systems for rational energy use.

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High-performance Building Model

If TRNSYS is used in building design, the multi-zone building model is the most important component with integrated models for thermoactivated components and daylight simulation, among other things. While working on the Alnatura project, for example, it allowed Transsolar to link information on brightness with the control of sun protection and the optimization of passive solar gains…

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Active Systems

TRNSYS has many components for plants, for example for energy supply, and can therefore also map innovative concepts. The software allows thermal and hydraulic circuits to be tested and control strategies to be optimized. For the extension of the International Calgary Airport Transsolar compared the real load curves with thermal simulation results and derived recommendations for optimization…

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Coupled Simulation

Extending the standard package with TRNFlow now allows detailed images of air flows in building simulation. Thus, even complex ventilation concepts with atriums, double facades, etc. can be dynamically coupled and air flows can be investigated as a function of pressure differences. Transsolar successfully used the coupled air flow simulation in the McEwen project in Toronto…

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We insist on further development – stay tuned.

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